The Dirtbag Diaries turns five. This also happens to be our 100th episode. To celebrate the occasion, we reached out to our collaborators, our contributors and our friends and asked for ideas. I pitched them a bunch of ideas. They shook their heads. Their response was resounding. “We want to hear your story, the story of the Diaries,” they said. Our intern, Austin Siadak, stepped forward to do the interview and relay the story. The tables were turned. By nature, we like our creation stories simple. An idea appears in the void. A light bulb goes off. The apple hits Sir Isaac Newton on the head. In reality, creation stories are messier, more complicated and more interesting than abbreviated elevator pitches. They are a sum of parts. So here goes.

Music: Truth by Balmorhea   •   Hoochie Choochie Man by Muddy Waters   •   The Wires from My Broken Record Player by Cars & Trains   •   Tight Rope by The Coast   •   Bear by Carly Comando   •   Born on the Cusp by The American Analog Set   •   Joe Metro by Blue Scholars

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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  1.  by  ben

    Hey these podcasts and stories, these dirtbag diaries are amazing. Somehow I just found out about you guys via the enormocast, which is chronologically weird. The great news is I have 7 years of content to listen to now. I get addicted to everything so guaranteed ill be passing out to this stuff for the next couple weeks. Thanks you guys.

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