Roll The Dice

“We started the trip without much of a purpose,” writes Fil Corbitt. “We wanted to be pushed around. Wanted to find something we didn’t know we were looking for. We wanted to take some small chance and see where we landed. And see which side was facing up.”

But how do you find that kind of serendipity when you only have a week? Fil created a game. Each morning, he and his friend would wake up and roll a single dice. A one meant go north. 2 = east, 3 = south, 4 = west, 5 = stay put and 6 meant to cross the nearest state border. The only rule? No backtracking.

Today, we follow Fil as he and his friend Brian figuratively and literally roll the dice, and see where they land. And which side is facing up.


This episode originally aired as a six-part series on Fil’s awesome podcast, Van Sounds. We cut quite a bit of material to turn it into a single piece. You can listen to the full version of the Dice series as well as other awesome travel stories, like the Freight Train episode, at:


Music: 36th Parallel by Coastwest Unrest    •    Singular vs Plural by Yclept Insan    •    Unnamed by Fil Corbitt    •    Time Bandit by Yclept Insan    •    Italics by Porteur    •    Dying Sun by Southnorth (a solo project by Kent Irwin of the band People With Bodies)    •    Give’er It by Gabriel Graham    •    Cause I Can’t Find by A Paper Cup Band (a project by Andrew Jansen)    •    Unnamed by Arthur Howls (aka Kent Irwin of the band People With Bodies) and Andrew Martin of Up is the Down is the    •    Camelback Blues by A Paper Cup Band (a project by Andrew Jansen)

All tracks were used with direct permission from the artists.


3 Comments on “Roll The Dice

  1.  by  Moritz Walther

    I heard this episode and went to check out Fils show. Before I knew it I’d heard every episode. Do you guys have anymore great adventure podcasts you can recommend?!

    •  by  Jen Altschul

      Hi Moritz, Glad you liked it! We’ve heard a lot of fun, long-form interview sport-specific podcasts. In terms of other outdoor, story based, edited shows–we’ll kick them your way as we find them!

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