Into the Dark

“Climbing–this one act saves me,” says Portland rock climber Bob Grunau. Throughout his life, Grunau has struggled with the lingering clouds of depression. Until he discovered climbing, the only way to weather the darker cycles was to retreat inward into his mind. That approach worked until he became a part of a family. Grunau had to be present. In those hard moments, he turned to climbing.

High, lonesome places can provide respite and joy. We can love them deeply, but ice and rock will not love us back. Ultimately, our tenuous connections with the vertical life are not nearly as delicate as our relationships with those we love.

Music: Benjamin Dewey is a Portland musician and friend of today’s contributor Bob Grunau. Dewey is also an artist and has some pretty cool comics over at Melee Comics.

Also appearing on today’s show: Bras d’Or Lakes by The Hylozoists  •   The Nation is on Fire by Red Room Cinema  •   Alida St. by Y La Bamba

Music provided by IODA Promonet and Benjamin Dewey.


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