The Drowning Machine

“I was disoriented beneath the cold water. I kicked toward the surface, but the force of the water held me down. I twisted and hung underwater for a moment. A thought passed through my head–this is what it feels like to drown,” writes Dan Gingold. Dan and three friends planned to raft the Musconetcong River into the larfer Delaware River over three days. With the river running high with spring rains and little prior recon, their mellow trip became more than they bargained for as they navigated multiple dams.

Music: Imagine Magenta by Dan-O   •   In This Minute by A Single Voice   •   Wild Wind by John Berry from Big North   •   Trouble With River Cities by Pela from Anytown Graffiti

Many thanks to John for letting us use his music. He found us and we are grateful!

Some of Pela’s members have regrouped and now perform as Augustines.

 Most music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.


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