Fighting with Our Feet

Significant life tumult propelled Nick Triolo to leave his home and move to Todos Santos, Baja earlier this year. As an ultra-runner, he instinctively explored the area on foot. As he settled into the town and its community, he became aware of a growing resistance to proposed mining in the area. And he knew he wanted to help. But how? It might have been easy for Nick to shrug off the feeling. Instead he thought big–he would organize a protest run across the 70-mile wide stretch of the Baja Peninsula–through the heart of where the mining was proposed. And he would run it in a day. Now, could he get anyone to join him?

See Nick’s photos from the run here and here. This story was adapted from Nick’s post on The Jasmine Dialogues

Special thanks to Montana Public Radio KUFM in Missoula and Sherie Newman for volunteering time to help with the recording.

Music: New Mexico by The Ukulele Hipster Kings   •   Baja Taxi by Brain Buckit   •   Walk the Whole Earth by Publish the Quest

Jacob Bain and Publish the Quest have been longtime friends of ours at the Diaries. Jacob travels and music were highlighted in A Brief Moment in a Beautiful Place, and Publish the Quest’s journey to Africa to collaborate with African musicians in Sodade. For the past few years, PTQ has been lucky enough to perform at festivals in Zimbabwe, Mail, Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. PTQ has carried recording equipment on their travels, and found amazing opportunities to connect with folks by sitting down and recording songs. They are working on a documentary, The Truth About 99 Cents, about what we get when we buy a song for 99 cents, and what we give.

Other music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.


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