The Making of a Patriot

“Three months ago, I’m not sure I would have considered myself a patriot,” writes Hilary Oliver. “Mentally, I separated my nation―government, states, and people―from my country: the mountains, deserts, plains and oceans that took my breath away. Maybe I had taken my privileges for granted, but I couldn’t tell you the last time my heart swelled with love or pride for my nation.”

Then she drove into Zion National Park. With it’s soaring sandstone walls, and man’s will imposed upon the landscape to make viewpoints accessible, Hilary found an appreciation for her country and nation.

Music: Twilight Hymn by Night’s Bright Colors   •   Mountain, Soul, Fire by woodrowgerber   •   Please Don’t Ask Me to Explain It by by The Walthall Tango   •   Staring At The Sun by TV On The Radio

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.



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