Upward Mobility

Throughout the course of the Diaries, I’d hazard to guess that hundreds of you have written in about the struggle many of us–me included–experience between work and our passions. Even if work is one of your passions, the mountains, rivers, all the tiny places in this great wide world can seem impossibly far away. We are put in positions where we have to decide between pragmatism and passion. Harini Ayer’s story epitomized this struggle. She came to the States from Southern India almost a decade ago and fell in love with this country, her research and climbing. Her ability to stay here has always been tied to her visa. Her work was a form of upward mobility. But there was a catch. If Harini switched jobs, or took a break from her research, she lost her ability to stay here. Climbing took a back seat, until eventually Harini made a stand for herself, her style of life and took an incredible risk.

Music: Two Hearted River by Summer People   •   M4 (Part II) by Faunts   •   A42 by Nedry

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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