Sixty Meters to Anywhere

“Is there a statute of limitations on finding something you’re passionate about? Is there a certain age when learning something new becomes too much to take on, or we become to afraid to fail or afraid to let others see us fail?” writes Brendan Leonard. A few Christmases back, Brendan received a rather strange gift from his brother – an old rope. Brendan wasn’t a climber. He had no intention of becoming of climber. Sometimes though gifts can change our lives. It turns out that 60-meters of climbing rope has taken him farther than he could have ever dreamed.

Music: Perfect Fit by Clues   •   Remember Severed Head by Clues   •   Trouble Come, Trouble Go by Kokolo   •   Heikki’s Suburbia Bus Tour by Rodriguez   •   Hesitation Blues by Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel

 Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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