Start Saying Yes

“Over two weeks I went from pretty ‘fine’–I have to say ‘fine’ with air quotes and an eye roll, because it’s that kind of fine–so, I went from ‘fine’ to ‘I’m out’! I just needed a life restart,” says Katie Crafts.

For her thirtieth birthday, Katie gave herself a trip on a cruise to Antarctica. In the other, older passengers on the ship, she caught a glimpse of her future if she continued on the path she was on. In the ship’s crew, she saw something else: a superwoman equivalent of herself. Today, we bring you the story of a journey to the far reaches of our planet, and of what it takes to see the person you want to be, and then become that person. It starts with saying ‘yes’.


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22 Comments on “Start Saying Yes

  1.  by  nancy roach

    Thanks for this. Katie is our daughter and we’re really proud of her. For what it’s worth, we have always viewed her as highly competent and very able to survive a zombie apocalypse … as long as no blood was involved.

    •  by  Katie

      hahaha Thanks Mom 🙂 It’s true… blood is my kryptonite. And snakes. Thankfully none of those in Greenland nor Antarctica!

    •  by  Carla Carstens

      I just returned from the most amazing trip to Greenland with your lovely beautiful and extremely talented daughter, Katie, as one of our guides. I feel extremely fortunate to have met and shared this Greenland adventure with her. I have one son but if I had a daughter, Katie would be a perfect one to have. I learned so much from Katie on this trip — it’s time to rewrite my life story and Katie helped me see the importance of not settling but to strive for the best, follow my dreams and to ‘start saying Yes’, even at my age! Thank you sweet Katie for all that you represent.

  2.  by  Stephanie

    THANK YOU for posting this. I think it speaks volumes to all those people who are going through the daily grind of a desk job and feel like they are in a rut, but are too scared to start over. The big picture can be terrifying but Katie breaks it down to the simple message of “just say yes.” Keep up the good work!

    •  by  Katie

      Hi Stephanie! We should really start a support group for all of us who ditch life 1.0 to get after version 2.0. The more I connect with people like this, the more I realize there is a trend for a new norm.

  3.  by  marijka

    This was a WONDERFUL episode! At 53, I’ve been working on my own ‘yes’ list for several years which, as a former band nerd and unnatural athlete, is full of kayak/backpack/ski/snowshoe adventures. 🙂 Thanks to you and to Katie for the inspiration!!

    •  by  Katie

      Hi Marijka! Ah that is so inspiring to hear that you’re having adventures and misadventures still at 53. I read recently that “old age” is an unfortunate self-fulfilling prophecy, and it makes me wonder what my life will look like as the decades tick by. Hopefully I’ll take the lead from you and others like you and keep trying and failing and trying again differently. Well done 🙂

      •  by  marijka

        Yep, age is all in your mind. I feel 35 and am usually guessed as such! Of course, no kids/husband helps keep the worries/wrinkles at bay. lol Virtual hugs and happy trails!

      •  by  Stefan Bennett

        Age is a such a misrepresented thing… I’m 57 and resent any implications that I’m less than I was at 20. It takes 50 years just to understand the world on a basic level, this is the best part of my life. You inspire people Katie, love your adventures…. the best is ahead of you, don’t let any one tell you different. (just use common sense LOL)

  4.  by  Rachel Fisher

    I LOVED this episode. Its nice to hear about people who haven’t been adventure pros since they were young and the honesty of how many challenges Katie faced in starting a new life was refreshing and endearing. It’s very inspiring to see how you can combine work with a thirst for adventure and travel as opposed to abandoning all your belongings to roam the world. Keep the great stories coming!

  5.  by  Marisa

    LOVE love love this episode. I’ve listened to it twice and both times it really has gotten me thinking about what I honestly want in “the 10 year plan”.

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  7.  by  Robin

    First DD episode I’ve listened to, and what a good one. So inspiring. I feel like I’m in a similar situation to Katie at the beginning of her search: In a month I’m packing all my stuff into storage to go camping all over the country and volunteer at National Parks — and gain some skills! Because, yeah, I didn’t feel super cool offering to copywrite for El Morro National Monument…

  8.  by  Dayton

    What I especially liked about this episode is listening to your spectacular failures, how you embraced them and moved on. I’m sure it was despite many tears and sleepless nights filled with doubt but it’s not a challenge if you’re not scared. If it were easy everyone would do it! Thank you so much. I am going to sign up for that carpentry class I’ve been thinking about taking. I’m going to convert a cargo van go out and start hitting some trails I otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

  9.  by  Kathy

    I LOVE,LOVE, LOVED this podcast and it resonates with me. I look back and as a newly divorced woman several years ago (ahem) in her late 30’s; nearly 40, thought I was too ‘old’ to do many things. A friend had me read the books, Younger Next Year and The Four Agreements, both life-changing. My father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I realized if not now, when? My kids were getting older and for the first time ever I could leave them in reliable hands with their father and later, stepmom. And then I met people in my life that opened the door to so many adventures; swimming and biking and running all over the Bay, including Escape From Alcatraz, *almost* getting to do Ironman Lake Tahoe before an ankle break got in the way two weeks before, hiking R2R2R in the Grand Canyon, 2 biketours around Maui and California’s coast, mountain biking with LOTS of bruises, kayaking, camping and outdoor cooking because of another dear friend, backpacking a 50+ mile loop around and over Mt Whitney, snow camping with the Sierra Club, 2 nights in wind and snow and in a bivy sack and snowshoeing the entire route, traveling solo to Ireland because I shared a dream with one friend and was encouraged by another and biking over the Gap of Dunloe and driving a rental car while there or recently taking a trip to Hong Kong. I am forever grateful to the kind friends who have mentored me along the way and not laughed at my millions of questions but treated each one with kindness and respect. I’m grateful for my running and hiking partners over the years. My kids may have rolled their eyes at times, joined me along the way and now have created their own quests and journeys to many, many places. I feel very lucky. Over 50+ years old (ahem) and MANY more Adventure Days ahead!!! P.S. I still feel like a kid inside when I get to do this stuff. If in doubt, DO IT. And if you see me riding the grocery cart, saying, WHEEEEE as I barrel toward my car, you’ll know why.

  10.  by  Kayla Epperhart

    This was such an uplifting inspirational episode! Katie, you are a powerhouse and a warrior princess! I loved how you spelled out all the steps you took in seeking your desired life. Thank you so much for this!

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  14.  by  Lucy Cummins

    I just graduated college and got caught up in finding a “real” job. Then I took a WEMT class and discovered these podcasts and was truly inspired by this story. Trying to channel your tenacity in finding an expedition job like yours. Thanks for sharing!

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