Plastic bags. They clog drawers, landfills, coastlines and trailheads. Recycling them is confusing and inefficient. But what if there was a way to turn the trash into something of value? Enter Industrial Designer Will Wells. Today, we bring you our annual Year of Big Ideas. We talked to contributors and friends about their goals for the coming year. Here's to going big, traveling to new places and trying something new. And here's to making something that will inspire others, even if it's small.

Happy 2014.


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  • I love the phrase upcycled (as seen on the Providence Plastic website). It's inspiring to see how we can take something "negative" and turn it into a positive. Thanks for sharing this episode!

    posted by: Lisa Kellenberger on 2014-02-25 22:21:31

  • This is awesome. The more companies get in on this the better. I know they don't have the best rep but all the Wal-Marts around here have big boxes in the entryway for recycling plastic bags (from any store). They press them into re-usable shopping bags.

    posted by: Andrew on 2014-02-19 19:32:44

  • I was listening to the podcast and driving through the middle of the Sonoran desert. There wasn't much going on, maybe just some cattle here and there. Out of nowhere comes flying a plastic bag across the street. It past me like a jellyfish passes in the ocean. It drifted out of sight. We really need to get this plastic bag thing under control. Thank you for the story and a new awareness.

    posted by: Aaron Skiles on 2014-01-31 20:33:41

  • Hi guys - I totally hear you about the seriously bad issue around these plastic bags. Thought I would point out another similar one, with the hope that you might help publicize this issue too. In the US, we send 20 BILLION disposable diapers to the landfill every year. Given the contamination, they are slightly challenging to recycle. ;-) But there are modern and innovative alternatives like ours...which by the way was co-designed by one of Patagonia's long-time designers...Richard Siberell. I hope we can chat about the issue sometime, please email me if you'd like to connect.

    posted by: Jeff Batton on 2014-01-31 16:10:09

  • I always feel so excited to see a new Dirtbag Diaries episode... yahoo! Your podcasts are the BEST. Happy 2014 Everyone.

    posted by: Rachel on 2014-01-23 23:40:33

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