Tales of Terror Vol. 6

Phantasmal footsteps, strange silhouettes, inexplicable movements and unaccountable sounds. In our sixth annual Tales of Terror, Bix Firer, Lorraine Campbell and Kealan Sojack share three stories of ‘What the *&@! was that’? A dream? Or an indication that, perhaps, we are not as alone in the woods as we like to think. Happy Halloween.


Music: The Queen Rat by Coin Locker Kid    •    If You Can’t be the Sun, be the Sun by Schemawound     •    All Too Human by Coin Locker Kid    •    Through the Eyes of Man by emFrik    •    Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain by Schemawound    •    Halloween Everyday by Kelsey Mira    •    Time Travel is Possible by Schemawound    •    The Unknown (Halloween Version) by Savant Trigger

Tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.


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  1.  by  Todd

    Perfect to listen to after a Halloween MTB ride.Especially driving down rural roads to get back home.

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