Commit Fully

“Our four seater plane touched down on a small gravel bar in the heart of the Brooks Range. We unloaded. The engine roared back to life, and the plane disappeared down valley into the blue-gray mountains. Then, the mosquitoes came,” writes Fitz Cahall. In May, Fitz received an email that contained a golden ticket–a float trip down the Kongakut River through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with the Sierra Club. His role: to film and photograph the trip as part of a campaign to permanently protect the Refuge. There was just one problem: the timeline collided with prior commitments to family and friends. How one email, one trip, and one decision to say yes crystallized Fitz’s commitment to responsibility and desire.  


Music: Mad Scientist by Fog Lake    •    I Got a Plan to Rule the World by MC Cullah    •    Nocturnal Blues by Fog Lake    •    Sunset by Kai Engel    •    Little Black Balloon by Fog Lake

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive.


5 Comments on “The Shorts — Commit Fully

  1.  by  Dan Oles

    Absolutely love love love love love. Cannot tell you enough how much I have had these exact thoughts and feelings. I appreciate these so much! Thanks for doing this.

  2.  by  Tim Moore

    Just discovered your website thanks to an article in Climbing magazine. I’ve been binge-listening to your podcasts, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy what you’re doing here! Many thanks for your thoughtful contributions!

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  4.  by  tim

    Fitz, you reached out and touched my soul with this. You put your finger on – like, right on – some deep aches, fears and dreams that we share. From one adventure, beauty, and meaning-seeking father to another, thank you.

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