Three Eighths to Eternity

“The planks of my boat are three eighths of an inch thick. Three eighths–this is the distance between myself and the depths,” writes surfer and adventurer Christian Beamish. Two years ago, Beamish crafted an 18-foot-long sailboat in his San Clemente garage.  His obsession with sailboat-assisted surfing began with small week-long voyages and evolved into preposterous idea–sail the entire length of Baja looking for waves. It would be a solo mission. The proposed trip left his friends questioning his mental state and his mother in tears. It would require big, open-water crossings in rough seas, and in the end it would leave Beamish changed. How far would you go to find the physical and mental limits of human endurance? How raw does your soul have to get before you find peace?

Music: Easy by Deer Tick   •   Beach by West Indian Girl   •   Battle of 77 by Sunparlour Players   •   Apache Beat by Sinkane   •   Processed Spirits by Lymbyc Systym   •   Lotan Baba by Lymbyc Systym

Music provided by IODA Promonet.


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