The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

Jim Herson and Anne Smith live in the Bay Area. They’re in their fifties. Jim has worked the same computer science job since he graduated college in 1982, and he and Anne have been together nearly that long. They have two kids, a 17 year old daughter and a 13 year old son, who they shuttle around the city in a maroon Subaru wagon. An all-around American family.

Except for one thing– Jim and his kids get their family bonding time a thousand feet off the deck on Yosemite’s classic routes.

You can find Jim’s hilarious blog posts here.

Music:   Say My Name by Hopeless Jack    •    Brohemoth by Hemmit    •    Le Slip by Mott Flyf    •    hope! by The Fucked Up Beat    •    Moontime by The IMG    •    Night Without Sleep by David Mumford    •    On the Road by Amy Stolzenbach

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive or with direct permission from the artists.

Thanks to Chris Kalous and Hans Florine for their guest appearances on the episode. For more climbing inspiration, check out Kalous’ podcast, The Enormocast, and Hans Florine’s new book On The Nose, which includes a story that features Jim Herson. It will be on shelves September 2016.


4 Comments on “The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

  1.  by  Hans Florine

    The Herson/Smith family set the bar very high for “adventure parenting.” Best not to compare your family to theirs or you’ll be feeling pretty normal. If not boring.

  2.  by  Paul Wolf

    Starting up El Cap in a rainstorm, that’s inspiring not to mention a great role model for kids. Great effect of listening to the kids voices climbing, but not being able to see what they were doing. That really brought the story to life.

  3.  by  Mike Joseph

    I’m faiy new to climbing, mostly in the gym and only outdoors once (top rope). When Jim was talking about the cam being inverted and he thought he was going to die, what does this mean? I know what a cam is from working at Eastern Mountain Sports years ago, but that’s the extent of my knowledge and experience. Can someone explain?

  4.  by  Joshua Hildreth

    Oh man! I’ve always wanted to go climbing in Yosemite. I’ve never done any trad. climbing myself so I couldn’t explain why it was placed wrong. It’s something I definitely want to get into-pretty pricey though. I find it interesting that trad. climbers trust their own cams more than the bolts of sport routes. It makes sense, but I’ve never had any issues. Except on routes I’ve climbed in Okinawa (Japan). There were clips I’ve been able to pull right out of the wall because they were so rusted through. Pretty scary stuff. But the climbing awesome, on the other hand. Even though the coral can be killer. After climbing on such sharp rock I started using tough jeans to protect my legs. My favorite’s are 24.7 Jeans. ( There comfortable and stretchy enough for climbing- not to mention they protect your legs pretty good.

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