Winnebago Warriors

“When we were living in a house, we were always compromising because we had the weight of a mortgage, of doing what we thought we should be doing,” remembers Kathy Holcombe. Until the day, she, her husband, Peter, and their daughter Abby moved into a Winnebago to travel and work from the road. “I want her to see that she can do that too: whatever her wildest dreams are, to chase them and not stop until they come true,” says Kathy.

Abby’s dream? To kayak the entire 280-miles of the classic Grand Canyon run. But how does a 12 year-old arrive at a place where this goal is even conceivable? First, lots of kayaking. But, as in any sport, Abby must learn to walk up to her fears and pick them apart before deciding whether to go or not go.

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Music: Intro by Jacob Bain    •    If Walls Could Talk by Jacob Bain & Nis Kotto    •      Freaks by Bradley Carter    •    The Rent is Late by Publish the Quest    •    Cowgirls by Ken Christianson    •    Hillbilly Hayduke by Jason Tyler Burton    •    A Language of Its Own by Publish the Quest    •    Gotta Keep Movin’ by Publish the Quest    •    Lost Forever by Little Glass Men    •    Shine by Publish the Quest

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive and with permission from the artists.


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