The World by Bike

Committed. It’s a word we use to describe people we know, our friends, even ourselves. Committed to a sport. A ski line. A lifestyle. It can be easy to commit to those daily or short term goals. But carving out time to achieve a bigger dream, something that may take weeks or months, even years–it can feel really hard to take that first step. To even know what that first step is. And sometimes, the very goal we set for ourselves can define the duration of our commitment. Twelve years ago, Pablo Garcia left Argentina to pedal around the world. And he’s still pedaling.

Music: Fire Diary by Ken Christianson   •   Tango de la Muerte by Matadors   •   Ruben’s Train by Bradley Carter   •   I Believe People Can Change by Publish the Quest

Some music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.


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