Live From 5Point Vol. 9

Before, Brendan Leonard wrote a Short for The Dirtbag Diaries called Sixty Meters to Anywhere. He recently published a book with the same title, documenting his journey from handcuffs to hand-jams, from rural Iowa to the mountains of Colorado and from business casual to assignments for Climbing magazine. We returned from our sixth annual pilgrimage to the 5Point Film Festival with something a little different this year: a lightly edited version of the presentation Brendan gave to a packed house. See you there next year?

You can order your own copy of Sixty Meters to Anywhere, see the schedule for Brendan’s 2016 book tour and find more of his writing at Semi-Rad.


Music: Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon    •    Where Is My Jaw? by Lately Kind of Yeah    •    Back to the Woods by Jason Shaw

Tracks provided by Free Music Archive.

Additional music from our friends Jacob Bain and Nis Kotto.


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  1.  by  CAL Beuadoin

    Great episode! Brendan is a amazing storyteller. Keep up the great work!

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