Exit Strategy

“Three days from the end of the trip, I started to panic,” writes Emma Walker. “I still didn’t know what to do with my summer, let alone the rest of my life. Inspiration, as I’d imagined it, hadn’t struck. Now, I had to face the realization that I didn’t have an exit strategy. This had been it, and it would inevitably end.”

The summer after her first year of graduate school, Emma enrolled in an Alaska Pacific University Expedition Mountaineering course. She told her family she signed up because it meant she’d earn graduate credits to traipse around the Harding Icefield. But she also hoped the trip would bring some clarity on the bigger questions, like whether or not grad school had been a mistake and what she was still doing in Alaska.

No lightning bolts of clarity struck during her trip, but looking back a year later, she could see that, perhaps, her month in the Alaska mountains had given her the inspiration she needed after all.


You can find more of Emma’s writing at myalaskanodyssey.com or listen to her first Short, “I Poo: A Love Story


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