Two Wheels to Anywhere

“We opened my aunt’s basement door and walked into the dusty room. Among cardboard boxes and carpentry tools stood a bright red bicycle. The frame had a few patches of rust. The components looked clunky and the gears grated roughly when I spun the pedals. It had no seat post or saddle. It was unrideable, but it had character,” remembers Graeme Lee Rowlands. He had a few months before he would move from Oakland, CA to start college in Squamish, BC. And he had decided that he would make the 1000-mile trip on a bicycle that he would build himself. He didn’t know anything about building a bike, nor had he ever ridden more than 40-miles in a day. But he was determined.

Music: A Place I Know by MC Cullah    •    Title of Photograph Filled With Dread in Los Angeles by Chuck Hoffman    •    Intro by Angie and the Carwrecks    •    Wake Me Up by Publish the Quest    •    Animal by The British IBM

Learn more about our friends from Publish the Quest in the “Sodade” episode.

Other tracks provided by Mevio’s Music Alley and Free Music Archive.

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5 Comments on “The Shorts — Two Wheels to Anywhere

  1.  by  Andrew Lee

    G’day Graeme, I’m very impressed with your story about your bike and trip to Canada, I hope your next proposed trip from the ‘end to end’ of Britain in the next couple of months is fun. I look forward to catching up with you and having a beer or two to celebrate your adventures todate when I see you early next month when we both get to the UK …Cheers Uncle Andy

  2.  by  Wazza

    An amazing story. Building or restoring a bike is not something I have ever attempted, but I am inspired by this story to try – thanks!

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  4.  by  Reuben McMahon

    This story is very inspiring thank you for lighting up my day

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