The Threshold Moment

When Kevin Fedarko stepped through the door of the O.A.R.S. boathouse in Flagstaff, AZ, he didn’t realize he had crossed a figurative threshold as well as a literal one. Kevin had planned on rafting the Grand Canyon for a wilderness medicine course. Then, he planned to go back to his life as a successful freelance writer. But what he saw in that warehouse and in that first week on the Colorado River left him desperate to find a way to keep coming back. Kevin spent the next smelly, humiliating, beautiful and life-altering decade of his life developing a relationship with the Grand Canyon, writing about the Grand Canyon, and, ultimately, fighting to protect it.

To learn more about the current threats to the Grand Canyon and how you can help, visit Save the Confluence and Grand Canyon Trust.

You can purchase Kevin’s book, The Emerald Mile, here.

Brendan Leonard wrote and narrated this episode. You can find more of his work at

Music: Moving On by Andrew Ferris    •    Bad to the Bone by Finn    •    Existential by Gordon Bell    •    Shit Outta Luck by Life Has Teeth    •     Clover by Little Glass Men    •     A Garden Grows by Jason Tyler Burton

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, Free Music ArchiveDiaries‘ listener Jason Tyler Burton.

Additional scoring by Amy Stolzenbach.



8 Comments on “The Threshold Moment

  1.  by  Stu

    Dammit, Fitz! Yet another book you guys have coerced me to spend money on! I’m sure I’m going to love it, but still. Thanks for the awesome episode.

  2.  by  Rica Fulton

    Thank you for doing this story! The Emerald Mile is my favorite book.

  3.  by  Anne S-B

    Oh how I loved this interview. The Emerald Mile is by far the BEST Adventure book I have ever read. I’ve purchased a hard-bound, paper back and Nook copy. I’ve seen the boat hanging on the Wall. Save this beautiful canyon. Thank you Kevin.

  4.  by  Darren

    Great read – thanks for this episode! Without it, would never have discovered this book and the tale it tells.

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